Going to College

Transcript: Knowing my strengths


It’s important to know about your strengths so that way you can always improve them. And when you know your strength you know what you’re good at. And if you concentrate on your weaknesses, that can bring a negative effect over you if you concentrate too hard on them.


A strength that I have is that I do work well with people. I think I can work well independently and as part of a team.


One of my strengths is just being persistent. Continuously trying, no matter what. If it’s hard then it just means you’re gonna have to work that much harder to get the job accomplished.


Academically my strengths are, I guess, English comprehension. I’m really good at reading and retaining like novels and stuff, characters. I can see the larger themes in a novel. I don’t know why. And personally I’d say I am a people person. I like to speak to others and I try to be outgoing.


I’ve always been told I’m a really strong leader, which is one of the reasons I decided to go into business. I really enjoy working with people and motivating individuals. Within school I’m very strong in reading comprehension and vocabulary.


Definitely my strength did influence my major because I’m not good at science and I definitely could never do anything like chemistry. But I love math and a big part of business is math and I love a lot of creativity and putting in my own ideas. And instead of majoring in English where, you know, one of my goals is to write many books, you know, that’s kind of one of my hobbies. But I can also incorporate that into business because you have English within business, within writing letters to people and going to meetings and have to have a lot of paperwork.