Going to College

Transcript: Introduction

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Welcome to “Going to College.” My name is Matt, and I’m a recent college graduate. I’m here to guide you through this incredible resource that I wish I had access to while I was still in high school. Going to college can help answer many questions you may have about college and can help you get off to a great start.

College can be a great experience. You can meet new people, pick your classes and set your own schedule. I personally loved the freedom — the opportunity to go out during the week and to get out of bed whenever I wanted. But on the flip side, college can be challenging. So it’s important to prepare and know what to expect.

So what exactly is “Going to College?”

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“Going to College” is an online resource made up of three key sections, or modules. Each module has short topics with video clips of college students and great activities that give you an idea of who you are and what you need to know about college.

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The first module, called “My Place,” is all about you. What do you like? Equally important, what don’t you like? How do you learn best? What do you need to be successful? I’m sure you’ve heard the question what do you want to be when you grow up? “My Place” looks at these key questions and how you can set goals to get where you want.

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The second module, called “Campus Life,” gives you a glimpse of the changes you need to expect while attending college. You can definitely enjoy the freedom. No one tells you to do your homework or what time to go to bed. But college also comes with more responsibility, like doing your own laundry, planning your study schedule and asking for accommodations. Have you thought about what to do with all your free time? Do you want to improve your study habits? What about how to get your studying or papers done on time? Or, how to use technology to help you learn? Will your professors know about your disability? “Campus Life” tells you what you need to know before you go to college.

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The last module, called “Planning for College,” provides information for you right now. If you’re considering college in one to two years, you need to make sure now that you’re taking the right classes, registering for the SATs and choosing a college that you will be excited about. Planning for college needs to happen while you are still in high school.

The best part about this resource is you can explore the topics individually within the modules. I recommend that you start with the first module, “My Place.” Which topic do you want to learn about first? You choose. So let’s get started. I’ll see you in module one.