Going to College

Transcript: Meet the students


My name is Jenna [presumed spelling]. I’m a junior in college.I major in international management and I’m double minoring in French and German. I have a lot of goals and interests, especially in business and writing. I hope to publish a few books within the next five years and I wanna start my own entertainment cafe in the next five to seven years.


My name is Andrea [presumed spelling] and I am currently in my third year of a clinical psychology doctoral program. And my long-term goal is to become a clinical psychologist. I have about four more years to go.


My name is Maria [presumed spelling]. I majored in mass communications broadcast journalism with a history minor. My career goals are to probably go to graduate school I think, and then I’d really like to work in video production or editing. And hopefully own my own production company one day and shoot documentaries.


My name is Doug [presumed spelling]. I’m a history major and my career goal is to do something along the lines of teaching.


My name is Manisha [presumed spelling]. I’m a music major with a minor in history and a concentration in music history. I’m a junior. One of my career goals is to become a music teacher after I graduate.


My name is Jorli [presumed spelling]. I am a double major — international business and human resource management. I do a lot of activities outside of school. I’m working with the Department of Labor as an intern right now; and I’m a soccer referee and I also coach soccer.