Going to College

Transcript: Choosing a college


Take your time and research the college you’re going to, make sure you know what it’s about, take the time to visit the school, spend the night there if you can, spend a weekend there if you can, if you know people that go there already, ask their opinions on it.


I was looking at their disability support services centers. Every time I went to visit I would go to the disability support services center to see how comfortable I felt with the staff, how helpful they seemed to be on that day, if they were willing to talk to me or not. I would definitely take a tour of … I took a tour of every campus that I applied to, just to see if I felt comfortable there. I also looked at what majors they offered, what my interests need, what the requirements were because I knew if there were a school that required that for some reason, I wouldn’t know why, I needed four years of a foreign language, that was a turn off to me due to my disability. So things like that, something … just a good feeling on the campus as well as the technical requirements to actually get the degree.


I also looked at the criteria of how the schools are ranked to help me pick which school I liked best for me. I did music so it was important to have a good music program, as well as strong programs in other aspects of the school because you never know when you have to take classes outside of your department and that’s important to know that you’re still getting a really good education outside of your department.


Cast a wide net, list all the schools you think you might want to go to and start there. And then … then you can start narrowing it down by reading more about it, contacting people at the university disability support services. I think it also can be really helpful to talk to other students at the university, even if you call disability support services and ask, do you have any student that’s affiliated with your office who might be willing to talk to someone who is considering the college, to give me a sense of what their experience has been like?


I also picked a school which happened to be located where my doctors are located, so for me that also helped instead of picking a different school because if I needed anything my doctors are right there, a couple of miles down.


I knew going in that I wanted a school with smaller classes, when you got into your core classes, because I really enjoy learning but I’m a very interactive learner. So I wanted to be able to interact with the professors and ask the professors questions … and it was setting, I never thought I would end up at an urban school. I always thought I was gonna end up at a rural school with tons of trees and country and horses and dogs, because my family has a farm and I’ve just grown up with all the trees around me and everything. But when it came down to it, especially going in with an international focus, it came down to who has the most diverse student population.