Going to College

Transcript: Taking standardized tests


I’ll take the SAT and the ACT. I did better on the ACT than I did on the SAT. I don’t really know why but I did better accommodation wise on those tests. I didn’t even know you could get accommodations on those kind of exams, nobody told me, and I guess I just never really took the time and figured it out on my own. But that’s definitely important if you’re planning on going to college and you’re gonna take those exams. Make sure if you are qualified for the accommodations that you get those and that it helps you on your exams … because those exams are pretty important for when you apply.


I’ve not always performed as well on standardized tests so it was really, really critical for me to have accommodations and even with those accommodations I found them to be very anxiety provoking experiences, so I had to take them more than once to just kind of tweak out … how to best take those exams. They were not easy for me. But I did have accommodations, I had … I had extra time and I was able to take breaks when I needed to, and I had a scribe, so I had quite a few and they were tremendously helpful - the only way I could have gotten through.


On the SAT test, I definitely used my accommodations. I got time and a half testing for the SAT, and with that I think I got an extra break during the SAT because it’s so long anyway. I started at the same time as the other students, but I was in a room with other people with a learning disability or other forms of disabilities, and we just got an extra break I think, so our testing went a little longer.


It’s similar to when you need accommodations for college, you have to have letters from your doctors stating that it’s required, so you need like a formal documentation. And then you sent it to, if you contact the SAT office or the GRE office, they have a special section for people with disabilities, so basically you just ask to speak to them and then they’ll tell you what the process is.