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Welcome to Planning for College where you will learn the ins and outs of what you need to do to plan for college!

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Start by watching the introduction video and then go through each section of Planning for College beginning with “Choosing a college” and work your way through to the “High school ‘To Do’ list.” In most sections, you can hear from college students with disabilities, read important points, complete helpful activities and check out the eSources. Once you are done with all of the sections in this module, look at the “Top 10 tips” for a quick review and then click on “Reaching my goals” and fill out your goal sheet for Planning for College.

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Here’s a quick glimpse of Planning for College

  • Choosing a college – Find a good match for you. By considering key features, you can increase your likelihood for success in college.
  • Deciding on a major – Learn what steps you can take to choose a major. To do this you need to find a major that will use your strengths, minimize the areas in which you have difficulty and capitalize on the areas about which you are passionate.
  • Applying for college – Figure out what you need to do when applying for college. Each college has its own application requirements, form, fees, due dates and acceptance procedures. You’ll learn the process for applying, tips for writing your essay, how to get your recommendation letters and how to keep it all organized.
  • Getting financial aid – Investigate your financial aid options so you are prepared to cover college expenses. You’ll learn how to get financial aid, what aid is available for students with disabilities, how to get scholarships and how to budget your money while in college.
  • Taking admission tests – Learn about the SAT and ACT and learn how to prepare for these tests. It’s important to understand how eligible students with disabilities can get accommodations on these tests.
  • High school “To Do” list – Learn the steps you need to take in high school to get into college. All of these “To Do” items can seem overwhelming, but by having a plan, you will be better able to get it all done.