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For school personnel

“Going to College” is an online resource for teens with disabilities to learn about college life and what to do to prepare for it. It’s also a resource for secondary school professionals to help their students learn about college and prepare for success. This online resource is based on input obtained from college students with disabilities about the important information needed to prepare for college. The modules are designed to assist students as they learn to strengthen their self-determination and goal-setting skills.

What makes “Going to College” so unique?

What’s different about “Going to College” is that you will hear from college students with disabilities. We have found that students are more likely to listen to the advice of other students. These students are truly the experts on going to college with a disability as they have gone through the process that your son or daughter is going through right now. Each section provides valuable information along with additional resources and activities.

How to use “Going to College”

The information in “Going to College” is divided into three sections or modules:

  1. My Place
  2. Campus Life
  3. Planning for College

Each module contains subtopics with information, activities and online resources — or as we like to call them, eSources. Within most subtopics, you will find videos where students who have disabilities talk about their experiences in college. Each subtopic begins with discussion questions to elicit current student knowledge. We encourage you and your students to use these questions to introduce the topic and help students to focus on the information.

The activities help students apply the information presented. Encourage students to complete at least one activity. Many of these activities will be useful for secondary school professionals in getting to know students’ interests, assisting them with making choices, setting individual goals and developing self advocacy skills.

Finally, the portfolio section provides a “road map” to help keep students’ information organized. Some of the activities are designed for students to place their results in the portfolio. Students can use the portfolio while visiting colleges and talking with college personnel, such as the individual in charge of accommodations, admissions counselors or career counselors.

For more information about how to use “Going to College,” review the “Next Steps” listed in the Introduction.

Teacher’s toolbox

Look for the “Toolbox” link in each module for some classroom activities. They are designed to complement the individual activities in this site and are a great way to get your students talking and thinking about going to college.

Top 10 reasons to use “Going to College”

  1. Assists students prepare their Present Levels of Performance
  2. Assists students and transition IEP team members as they develop postsecondary goals and annual measurable goals
  3. Guides discussions with students and family members regarding the process of transitioning to college
  4. Provides a planning tool to build collaboration among IEP team during the transition process
  5. Provides teachers with activities to enhance self-determination and goal-setting skills needed in college
  6. Provides a comprehensive resource to assist students identify the skills needed for transitioning to and remaining in college
  7. Provides teachers and guidance counselors with information and resources for students and family members to use when exploring college
  8. Provides activities for students to use individually or in small groups
  9. Provides tips for teachers on how to implement activities
  10. Provides teachers and guidance counselors with a tool to help students organize and maintain information gathered for college in the online portfolio