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For students

If you are in high school and are thinking about going to college, one of the best things you can do is to start preparing for it now. College is such an exciting time in your life. It’s about exploring ideas, meeting new friends and having freedom and independence.

But to be successful, there are a few things you should know before your first semester in college. For example, did you know that when you get to college, you are the one responsible for getting your accommodations? “Going to College” will guide you through the process of getting accommodations and much more.

How to use “Going to College”

The information in “Going to College” is divided into three sections or modules:

  1. My Place
  2. Campus Life
  3. Planning for College

Each module contains subtopics with information, activities and online resources — or as we like to call them, eSources. Within most subtopics, you will find videos where students who have disabilities talk about their experiences in college.

Begin each section by answering the questions at the top of each page. After you have answered the questions, watch the video or listen to the podcast or audio file, and then read the information contained in the topic. Then complete at least one activity. Many of these activities provide useful information that can help you learn more about yourself, the colleges you want to attend and the things you need to do to prepare for college. Pay particular attention to the activities with the icon Portfolio icon — we recommend you place this completed activity in your portfolio.

You may be wondering, “What portfolio?” In addition to the modules, “Going to College” includes a portfolio section that provides you with instructions to organize your own portfolio of information. This portfolio will serve as your own personal reference tool while visiting colleges and talking with college personnel, such as the individual in charge of accommodations, admissions counselors or career counselors.

For more information about how to use “Going to College,” review the “Next Steps” listed in the Introduction.

Top 10 reasons to use “Going to College”

  1. Learn from college students who have been there and done that! You will see and hear college students just like you who will talk about what they did to be successful in college.
  2. Learn the process for getting accommodations in college. Not sure if you want to use accommodations? Wait to decide until you hear about priority registration and other benefits.
  3. Develop a plan to get ready for college and learn what you can do while in high school. We have recommendations for each year of high school.
  4. Create a portfolio to keep you organized with all of your college information. You can also take this portfolio with you when you talk with the person in charge of accommodations at the college you want to attend.
  5. Find the right college for you! It’s important to find a good match between you and the college you attend.
  6. Learn tips for getting good grades in college.
  7. Did you know that students with disabilities can get accommodations on the SAT or ACT tests? We’ll tell you how to arrange those accommodations.
  8. Not sure what college life is like? You’ll learn all about the differences between high school and college and what to expect during your first semester.
  9. Worried about paying for college? You will find information about financial aid that is geared just for students with disabilities.
  10. Not sure about what you want to major in while in college? That’s OK. Most freshmen aren’t sure either, but you’ll get a head start by completing short inventories and activities.