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Portfolio: Campus Life

Use the following list of activities as a guide for organizing your portfolio. Many of these activities have worksheets for you to complete, save and refer to throughout the college process. Place the completed documents in your portfolio behind your “Campus Life” tab.

Faculty expectations

  • Download the Writing E-mails to Professors worksheet [Word document]. E-mail has become a common way to communicate with faculty members outside of class. Write a short e-mail to a class professor asking the professor for the course text information. Be sure to put the class name and identification number in the subject line. The style for the e-mail should be business like with full sentences, proper grammar and no abbreviations. Always thank the professor for their time, consideration or response. Include your full name in the e-mail with additional contact information as necessary.

Getting accommodations

  • Pick a college of interest and research the accommodation process (call, go online, visit the school, etc.). Record this information in your portfolio

Sharing my disability

  • Complete the Talking to My Professors worksheet [Word document] and place it in your portfolio. On this sheet, you will brainstorm ways you can talk with your professors about your accommodations.

Getting good grades

Exploring technology

  • Complete the worksheets in “Hey Can I Try That.” Then discuss the results with your teacher, parent or other individual who can help you with technology.

Finding resources

  • Download the Comparing College Resources worksheet [Word document]. Choose three colleges you are interested in attending. Go to their Web sites and research the services and supports that are available on each campus. Use search terms such as student services, academic supports, tutors, etc. Under each college column, check if the college has that resource available for students. Then compare the colleges to see which college offers the best resources for you.

Reaching my goals